A continuous source of high quality talent is critical to every organization. Matching of the right candidates to the job descriptions of positions needed and applicant tracking through the process of requirement, is vital to ensure effectiveness and efficiencies. A recruitment software is essential to ensure that the process is efficient and effective with high conversion rations. The product area automates the recruitment process, with powerful features for candidate management, job management and applicant tracking.

This area consists of the following modules:

Positions and Jobs Capture list of positions for which recruitment is required and capture detailed job descriptions of the same. Important aspects of the job like skills, experience, educational qualifications are captured separately since they can be quickly matched.
Candidate Management Candidate resumes enable comprehensive capture of all details of the candidate. Resumes can be entered, uploaded via spreadsheet or even parsed (partially) and loaded intelligently to a candidate database. Once loaded, they can be compared against jobs that are open. Intelligent and weightage-based matching of jobs to candidates enable easy identification of the best candidates for the job with minimal effort.
Applicant Tracking Software Jobs can be assigned to teams and to recruiters. Each recruiter will have an applicant tracking dashboard by which they can track the progress of candidates through various stages of selection of the candidate. Easy movement of candidates across jobs ensures that the productivity of recruiters in filling jobs are far higher than manual or spreadsheet-based approaches.
Reports There are many reports on candidates, jobs and the progress of applications through the various stages of selection. Recruiter productivity can also be tracked through fill rates and conversion rate tracking.