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Importance of Finding ‘Fatal Flaws’ Early During HRMS/ HRIS Evaluations and Implementations?
While evaluating products the most common practice is to see if the coverage is good. Figures like 75%, 85% and 95% are put up, usually with the intent of approximating perceptions of coverage.
Is Employee Life Cycle Automation Mandatory For a Good HRMS, HRIS or HR Portal?
Do you recall the days when every employee had a physical file? A quick glance at that file would give you a rich source of information about when the employee joined, when he or she was confirmed, promotions, transfers, increments, commendation letters, termination letters and much more.
Self Service HR Automation Gives Very Quick & Good Returns On The Investment Made – What Do You Say?
Traditionally automation of HR and Payroll are seen by organizations as a necessarily evil, an investment that has to be done from a statutory compliance perspective, or to ensure that payroll occurs on time. This was true, primarily because HR & Payroll applications
Should SME’S Choose the Cloud For Their HRIS/HR Portals or go the On-Premise Way?
Every company with more than a few hundred employees would be feeling the need for a HRIS/ HRMS HR Portal as their process needs become complex. Tracking Employee Onboarding and Separation,
The Mission Here: Automating The HR and Payroll Function – Making it Easier
Automation of the HR function for some reason in the past took a lower priority than automating functions like supply chain operations or Accounting. Yet, people are the most important resource of the organization. Organizations are realizing the importance of not just automating the HR and Payroll function,