Employee Database

The Employee Database Management consists of a large amount of employee related information like

Only some of this information is mandatory, and hence this repository can be built up over a period of time

Option to attach the documents / certificates provided by the employees at the time of joining the organization

Tightly integrated to other modules like Employee Lifecycle, Payroll, etc. When a movement or separation happens, it will be updated to the employee database as well as Payroll in real time.

Employee Life Cycle

Employee movements that take place can be updated as and when the event occurs. This ensures that the latest information used for any subsequent processing like Leave or Payroll processing.

Promotion / Increments:

    Promotions and increments to employees will get updated to grade pay and payroll respectively on a real time

    Option to give middle of the month salary increments to employees

Leave management system

Basic leave management system allows you to set up a leave policy and a holiday list which are different by location. Attendance for the period can be loaded in any of the following ways

    Direct entry for each employee

    Upload at summary level for the month for each employee

    Upload with daily values for each employee

Based on the leave policy, holidays and attendance data, leave can be processed every month and suitable records on leave balances as well as leave transactions can be taken

Leave & Attendance Self Service

Employees can perform all their leave & attendance related activities in the system without having to reach out to HR. Leave balances are real time and auto calculates based on the eligibility, accrual and leave taken. All features are approval workflow enabled and hence more reliable for HR to finalize/close attendance month-on-month.

Advanced Attendance / Biometric Integration

This is an advanced option compared to the standard leave module. It has a highly configurable Attendance & leave management system that allows you to manage your entire leave and attendance of the employees and seamlessly integrated to the employee database.

Biometric Data Integration

Powerful attendance management system software enables you to keep track of employees’ in/out times, average worked hours, late hours, early exits, etc.

Biometric / Access card data can be integrated to KServeHRMS. You can setup your own rules for Late hours, Early Exit, Day Patterns etc.

Multiple location data can be consolidated, processed and reports generated.

System Utilities

Many useful utilities are available in the product for areas like security, data export, approval routing, alerts and approval workflow

Many useful utilities are available in the product like Dynamic Menu, Dashboard alerts, Favourites, Approval workflow, spreadsheet export, etc.

Skills & Competency Tracking

This module helps you to leverage the skills and competencies of your employees. you can search for skills and competencies to find suitable people to fulfil a project, a new position or even while determining promotions. competency gaps can be identified to determine training and other interventions.

Skills are stored in a three level hierarchy. Skill needs of each position are also mapped. One can determine the competency gap that matches the difference between what is needed and what is available and take appropriate action.

Employee Engagement Self Service

Whole lot of employee engagement options like Claims, Infra support request, Form approvals, Employee survey, family /personal information update, Change of address, etc., makes the system more useful to employees and management. The above features enable paperless request and approval mechanism as well as engaging employees in survey which management can analyze the results.

Native Mobile Employee Self Service (Android)

Most of the Employee Self-Service features are available in the Mobile ESS. Easy to operate requests and approval while you on the move.